Ten Comfort Corporation was established in 1983 by President Wang.  The first product was a water bed.  At the first 5 years, Ten Comfort manufactured not only water beds but also air bed and sport equipment.  From 1987, Ten Comfort got the patent of Hot/Cold Pad and began to produce the medical device.  In 1993, Ten Comfort began to producing T.E.N.S. and start marketing medical device more professionally.  At moment ,  Hot/Cold Pad and T.E.N.S. are the main products of Ten Comfort.  In order to extend their field of marketing, that Ten Comfort begun also the marketing of Instant Heat Pads.


    Due to the reason of coming into force of the Medical Device Directive on June 14, 1998, Ten Comfort started to study the requirements of the Directive and set up the quality system of EN 29002 together with EN 46002 so as to affix the CE mark to the products proper successfully transferred the quality system into ISO 9000 version.  Ten Comfort has successfully transferred its quality control system into ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 13485:2003.

2018.09.18 2018 MEDICA Nov. 12~15 H6 K51-D
2018.05.22 2018 Medicare Taiwan June 21~24 (A0411a)